Bayonet Cleaning

By | Jun 7, 2009

Bayonet Cleaning

How far should you go when cleaning your most prized possession? What is this most prized possession, well if your asking that question your in the wrong place! When it comes to bayonets cleaning them is a very touchy subject among collectors all across the globe. Each person has their own opinion, which they are entitled to. Below is my opinion based on what I do and what others close to me do.

In no means should you ever plan on cleaning your bayonet to perfect cosmetic condition. If these are your plans you should look at purchasing bayonet replicas. Bringing military bayonets back to this “new” condition destroys the once historic item. Your idea of cleaning to me is to remove old grease, dirt, rust, etc. (nothing major). Many collectors come unglued if bayonets are cleaned beyond a simple wipe of a cloth.

To start cleaning your bayonet you can use a soft cotton cloth with some light gun oil. The gun oil is used to prevent the progression of rust. One may also use a very fine steel wool to remove light rust. (keep in mind though this could ruin any blueing or patina) You can wipe down your bayonets every couple of months or so, to remove things like dust.

As I stated before this is just my opinion on how to care for your military bayonets. If you have any doubts, comments, questions, or concerns contact your local dealers for help. Bringing in the bayonet and showing them what you want to do will help greatly.

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