M14 Bayonet

By | Jul 23, 2013

The M14 bayonet is designed for use with the M14 rifle and is commonly known as the M6 bayonet. The M14 rifle was used officially by the U.S. marine and the U.S. Army from 1959 to 1970. In the United States Military, the bayonets that are still in use include the M4, M5, M6 and the M7. The M14 first appeared in 1957 at the exact time when the M14 rifle was built. This bayonet is the only one that is specifically made for the M14 rifle though it is also used with the M1A civilian rifle. The M14 bayonet is used for combat when mounted on the M14 rifle and may also be used as a utility knife. Its basic blade design bears a great resemblance to that of the M4, M5 and M7 bayonets. The design of this weapon also borrows a lot from the M3 Trench Knife used in World War II. The entire length of the M14 is 11.375 inches while that of the blade is 6.625 inches. Notable manufacturers of this bayonet include the Imperial Knife Company, the Columbus Milpar Company and the Aerial Cutlery Company. After the Vietnam War, the M14 bayonet was replaced by the M16 bayonet designed to be used with the M16 rifle. The two bayonets are very similar in appearance considering that they are of the same color, use the M8A1 sheath and have exactly the same length. Some notable differences between them is that they have different handle shapes, the muzzle ring diameters are different and the use different locking mechanisms. The most significant use of the M14 bayonet today is for the exhibition drill for the Marine and Navy. It is also used by honor guards and drill teams. Much of this use is however just ceremonial.

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