Butcher bayonets were named due to it's shape. Many of the Allies felt that the bayonet looked very similar to a butcher's knife so they began calling it the “Butcher Blade.” The 98/05 “butcher” bayonet was the creation of the Germans. It was used in both World War 1 and World War 2. It was first created in 1906 and continued to be produced until 1915. A second make of the bayonet was produce from 1915 until 1918. The two varied in several ways including leather and metal scabbards.

NCO's, approximately seven percent of all troops at the time, were given the sawback version of the bayonet. These sawback versions were designed to be used as tools. They had 29 teeth on the back of the blade. In 1917, a ruling was made to have all sawback bayonets either removed or have their sawbacks removed. If the Germans did not follow this mandate the Allies threatened to kill or torture and German found with one.

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