Garand Bayonets are very rare. They belong to the M1 Garand, a very distinct gun. There are 5 distinct bayonets that are related with the M1 Garand. Two of these being very rare and almost never found except in private collections. These 5 bayonets are the Model 1905 (WWI era), Model 1905, (WWII era), M1, Model 1905E1, and the M5 bayonet. The first two are the very rare ones. Each bayonet varies in making. Their differences include length of the blade as well as handle material.

The M1 Garand was the birth child of the United States. The gun and its bayonets were used in severl wars including World War 1, World War 2, The Korean War, and The Vietnam War. The rifle was no longer in service after 1963. Today many civilians use the rifle for historical events and ceremonies. Many countries have used the rifle including Italy, Taiwan, and Austria.

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