WW1 Bayonets

By | Jan 8, 2009

World War 1 will be the next war we look at. The war was roughly 4 years long starting in 1914 and ending in 1918. Just like World War 2, there were millions of casualties. To be exact there were nearly 20 million killed, 7 million of which were civilians. These figures make World War 1, another one of the most deadliest wars. The length of the war combined with the many people involved made for some very collectible military artifacts.

With this vast collection of memorabilia, comes huge amounts of WW1 bayonets. There is a good amount of military bayonets from WW1 that collectors are after. These bayonets come from several different countries, but many people are after the U.S. bayonets and the WW1 German bayonets.

One of the most collectible bayonets from the Germans is the German M-1898/02 Sawback Bayonet. This bayonet is very rare for a couple reasons. The German’s created this sawback bayonet for the great uses the sawback had. With it, you could cut through items like wood. In 1917, these type of bayonets were banned. The allies felt that the sawbacks were inhumane, so they decided to no longer allow them. If a German was found with this type of bayonet they were typically tortured or killed. This ban is what makes this bayonet, and many other German sawbacks so rare.

The M1905 Springfield bayonet is also a nice find. This WW1 bayonet is not only a nice find, but a very rare find. This bayonet was used on the Springfield M1903 rifle and later chopped down and used on the M1 Garand. These bayonets were made very well, being all steel with wooden grips. They also had fiberglass scabbards.

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