WW2 Bayonets

By | Jan 3, 2009

World War 2 will be the first war we look at. The war was 6 years and 1 day long starting September 1, 1939 and ending September 2, 1945. Sadly, nearly 73 million people were killed including over 47 million civilians. These figures make World War 2 the deadliest war to date. The length of the war combined with the amount of countries and people involved made for a ton of military memorabilia.

With this large collection of memorabilia, comes large amounts of WW2 Bayonets. There are many different military bayonets from this war that collectors are after. These include the German K98 bayonet and the U.S. M1 bayonet, specifically the M1 Garand bayonet.

The K98 bayonet is formally known as the Mauser Karbiner 98 Kurz bayonet. The name was shortened to K98 bayonet. The K98K rifle was made to be used with the S84/98 III bayonet. Later during the war the K98K was remade and did not include a bayonet lug. So these bayonets are from the early part of the war, making them so collectible.

The M1 bayonet is so sought after because of the rifles popularity in the war. Many M1 Garand bayonets aren’t collected for their rarity, but rather to have a bayonet from such a staple and popular rifle. Even without their rarity, these bayonets can fetch prices just as high as the K98 bayonet.

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